About Unitree

Unitree Robotics is an energetic company focusing on the development, production and sales of high-performance quadruped robots. It has been interviewed by BBC and CCTV, and is one of the earliest company to publicly sell quadruped robots, and its sales have been leading in the world over the years.

The company has an outstanding leadership in developing robot core components, motion control, robot perception, etc.

We attaches great importance to research and development, and thus independently developed the motors, reducers, controllers, and even some sensors of the quadruped robot. With more than 100 patents and more than 80 authorized patents.

Unitree Robotics has been promoting the industrial landing application of high-performance quadruped robots since 2017, and has been widely used in agriculture and industry, as well as providing strong support in specific security patrol, exploration, public rescue, medical and epidemic prevention escort, and other heavy industry levels.


Cultural Concept

  • The Vision of Unitree: To change the world with science and technology.
  • The Mission of Unitree: To plant the science and technology tree of the world.
  • The Culture of Unitree: Ultimate insight, self-achievement, cooperation and mutual benefits.
  • The strategy of Action: Always be alert, grasp core logic, set key goals, scrupulous development, be perfect, build the future.
  • The Action Guide: Subdivision of objectives, efficient execution, proofreading of results, feedback and communication.

About Unitree PUMP

On April 2022, Unitree was the first in the world to launch an epoch-making smart fitness product - Unitree PUMP, a professional gym in your pocket. Its core power is derived from the robot joint force control technology, enabling a short-term, efficient, and scientific fitness mode anytime, anywhere; Black technology has helped the nationwide fitness boom, officially promoting intelligent sports fitness into a new era, and making intelligent digital fitness a relaxed and scientific lifestyle!

PUMP is a resistance rowing machine. It is also a gantry frame of only 700g. It is also a small and versatile fitness pump.

unitreefitness.com is the e-commerce website we will be using to sell Unitree PUMP to overseas markets. For professional and other more advanced solutions, please visit unitree.com and contact us.