Unitree PUMP: Motor-Powered All-in-One Smart Pocket Gym

Unitree PUMP is the first portable fitness equipment with a built-in motor that cleverly controls resistance from start to finish, for a consistent pump that works your muscles evenly on every lift and pull. Designed by award-winning robotics engineers and fitness experts, PUMP anchors to any doorway, chair, and even your ankle to pack 1000’s of intense workouts into one tiny kit — giving you the power of a rowing machine, squat rack, dumbbells and cables anywhere.

Every workout is different, and every muscle has different needs. Find the perfect resistance for any exercise and adjust it with a few taps on the app. PUMP lets you pinpoint the perfect resistance from 4.4 - 44lbs, or more if you combine PUMPs.

All-In-One Portable Fitness Machine With Smart Resistance Control

You can easily turn your PUMP into a Rowing Machine, a Paddle Machine or a Smith Machine. No need to head for the Gym for those heavy machines. With a PUMP, get aerobic exercises. Burn your fat and build your muscle!  PUMP wasn’t just made for light sessions and cardio. You can combine up to 8 PUMPs in one to get 352lbs (160kg) of massive resistance. With every additional unit, you add a full 20kg of potential resistance, letting you truly imitate the heaviest full-body gym movements.

With Free “Fitness Pump” APP

1. Customize PUMP resistance via App, record your real-time workout data. Fitness lovers can set or adjust their future goal.
2. There are 90+ action instruction and 17 training courses (for both males and females) in the App, All the tutorials are free, and will be updated constantly updated in the future; helping you save this money.
3. Built-in game and fitness community to share your “fitness moment” with other fitness lovers.

What is included in Unitree PUMP

Authentic Review From Fitness Lover

The Unitree PUMP is so small it fits in the palm of your hand making it an interesting smart portable functional trainer. it is a good piece of equipment for your gym or to take with you when you're away from home.

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00:00 – Teaser & Intro
00:52 – Detailed Unboxing
03:06 – Additional Accessories
04:31 – First Impressions
05:07 – Detailed Overview
06:25 – Specs Overview & Features
10:34 – App Overview
11:59 – Setup & Test
21:27 – Outdoor Test
22:56 – Exercise Bar Test
23:27 – Suction Cups, Bar & Modes Demo
24:52 – Conclusion & Outro

Kevin begins Unboxing Unitree PUMP: Motor-Powered All-in-One Smart Pocket Gym. The future of fitness, very awesome.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Really great for travelling. Brought one unit with me and its great being able to train as and when.
— Ian Sim Tsi Tang
Customer reviews
Got my PUMPs on the weekend, and a couple workouts in I already love these! On another note, I stumbled across an actual Unitree PUMP booth when I visited the ISPO convention in Munich. and got really excited that project had an expo booth in Europe.
— Leo König
Customer reviews
With PUMP, it has eccentric, concentric and 4 more training modes. PUMP is like a portable version of Tonal or Gymera, with no monthly subscription & no need for professional installation. At home, I have TRX, resistance bands, Totalgym, Bowflex, and PUMP is my favourite exercise equipment currently.
— Michael Lim
Customer reviews
Pumps made it over to London for their first foreign trip. Easy setup at this hotel.Unitree pump is very convenient and useful for me, I like it.
— Scott Brandman