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Standard Kit

Now for a special introductory price! The special price for early bird customers is $289. In the future, the official retail price will be $340.

You get a Unitree PUMP standard kit with original accessories in a box. Start your workout within minutes of unpacking!

- Unitree PUMP
- Storage bag
- Pull rope handle
- Door anchor attachment
- Loop Strap
- Ankle Strap
- Safety buckle
- 50 cm extension cord
- Charging cable (Type C)
- Quick start Guide

Also included is the PUMP Fitness app, which contains hundreds of different exercises and complete training plans. The setting of the PUMP (weight/resistance) and mode (eccentric/concentric/linear) is done exclusively via the app.

Free shipping to all countries.

Customer reviews
I'm absolutely blown away by the PUMP. This is one of the best thing I've ever bought. As much as I appreciated the review videos, not one of them really did the device justice. I love the different modes (great for really keeping your muscles guessing) and am amazed that you can even do partial reps, isometric holds AND dynamic compounds like a clean and jerk. These things can definitely replace a full gym with enough creativity.
— Bhurut - United Kingdom🇬🇧
The pump is a great device. I'm addicted. It goes with me everywhere. I also love that a PD charger charges the device fully in no time.
My body burns right now. My biceps are on 🔥. The pump is no joke.
— Davoncci - United States🇺🇸
This device is amazing!!! Way exceeded my expectations.
I was worried the cube would clunk around a lot and be annoying, but it's really not that bad at all. Great design, and love how you thought of so many little details to make it so versatile! Also love all the detailed descriptions of all the ways it can be used, in the action library.
— Zoe - Canada🇨🇦
I received my exercise bar & 2 suction cups last week. I’m satisfied with the quality. The exercise bar is a bit heavy & thick. The suction cups require a smooth surface to operate properly. I tested it on a floor with smooth big square tile, work nicely and strong suction force, but on my wooden floor which has narrow panels & gaps, they don’t work well. On smooth dry wall, the suction cups also work well.
— Michael - Canada🇨🇦
I have to say I’m really really impressed with this device! Great work Unitree PUMP!😋
— Lukas - Sweden🇸🇪
Love my Unitree Pumps! I am really impressed with the progress on the firmware and especially the recent regenerative charging!!
— Frank - United States🇺🇸