What is Unitree PUMP?

Unitree PUMP is the world’s first all-in-one portable fitness machine with smart resistance control. Unlike the traditional fitness equipment, you can easily carry your PUMP around and anchor it on a door, a chair, your foot, and everything you wish. With PUMP, you can start workout anywhere and at any time. What makes Unitree PUMP unique is that  PUMP is the first one with a built-in motor that can smartly control resistance, and support concentric and eccentric training. Also, the App provides you with 100+ tutorials (all the tutorials are free and will be updated constantly) and records your workout data in real-time to help.

Easy anchor & train at any time and any place

1. Lightweight & compact design
-700g, light as a bottle of water.
-104 mm × 104 mm × 60 mm, the compact design is easy for you to grab with one hand or put in your bag.
2. Easy to anchor, start workout at any time
-Door anchor fixing & Annular fixing belt, anchor your PUMP to anything that is stable: a door, a desk, or even your own foot. With these two fixing accessories, your PUMP will be anchored firmly at the place you want! After anchoring your PUMP, there will be two pulling accessories: “Pull Rope Handle” and “Ankle Fixing Accessories” for you to choose from regarding your training requirement.
-The setup is quick and simple, the whole process will only take you a few seconds; No matter whether you are at home, in office, traveling, or outdoor, no more waiting, it’s always possible to work out now!

Unique Design

1. FOC patented motor can smartly control resistance
PUMP is the first portable fitness machine that has a built-in motor. The patented FOC motor is improved from UnitreeRobotics - quadruped robot’s joint motor. The motor and the FOC-controlled system will adjust its torque in real-time to provide a stable resistance output smartly. With motor, PUMP can evenly stimulate your muscle groups, which greatly improves your fitness outcome; and PUMP will retrieve its rope steadily as your hand is off to prevent you from injury.
2. Prevent fall damage
-The thickness of the shell can reach 0.78inch (20mm);
-The inner structure of the shell is a honeycomb structure with built-in sheet metal.;
-During our lab test, all six faces of PUMP were dropped from 5ft (1.5m) free fall respectively, and the shell remains perfect after 2 rounds of continuous testing.
-Our users can pay attention to workout itself, and don’t need to take care of PUMP during their workout.

One PUMP for whole-body exercise

Unitree PUMP support both concentric and eccentric training. When you wish to train with concentric mode, you can customize the resistance from 11 to 44lbs (5-20kg) with ratio adjust from 0-50%; if you would love to go with eccentric mode, there will also be two customizable features you can adjust in this mode: 1. the resistance -11 to 44lbs (2-20kg); 2. the ratio (0-50%). There will also be two modes: Constant mode which provide the same resistance when pulling out the rope and PUMP rolling back the rope; and Chain mode which allows you to schedule resistance, and PUMP will adjust resistance automatically while training. PUMP will be a perfect choice to replace your traditional fitness equipment, for example, resistance band, dumbbell, and, leg extension curl machine. With one PUMP, you can train 90% of your muscle groups because it combines functions of so many equipment together. No more need to buy those equipment separately.

Multi-device coordination & professional add-on accessories

Unlock more advanced and professional training with multiple PUMPs and add-on accessories! You can coordinate all your PUMP with the same resistance, and either uses them to perform more complex training or combine them together for a higher resistance limit. Up to 8 PUMPs you can train with at the same time. We also provide add-on accessories for you to unlock more professional training.

Free “Fitness Pump” App amplifies your workout experience

1. Master your workout
-Customize PUMP resistance via App (4.4-44lbs/2-20kg), which compared to other traditional ones you cannot adjust the resistance
-Record your real-time workout data, for example, how many times have you pulled the rope, track resistance output, calculate estimated calories burned, and more. So fitness lovers can set or adjust their future goal
2. 100+ free tutorials
-Currently, there are 90+ action instruction and 17 training courses (for both males and females) in the App;
-All the tutorials are free, and will be updated constantly updated in the future; helping you save this money and you can pay more attention to fitness itself
-The system will recommend suitable tutorials to you according to the data recorded(the feature in the last section)
3. Built-in game & fitness community
-Built-in fitness games;
-Fitness community to share your “fitness moment” with other fitness lovers
-Motivate and help you keep on workout

Other functions

1. Generation mode & power bank mode
-There is also a “Generation mode” mode for you to choose in the app. In this mode, you can recharge your PUMP by 1% by pulling the rope 10 times with 44lbs(20kg) resistance.
-PUMP can reverse charge your smartphone. Make sure your PUMP is on. Directly link your iPhone with PUMP, or use the PUMP’s adaptor power cord to link if you are an Android user. Then, simply tap the power button on PUMP for reverse charge.
2. Runtime
-When PUMP is fully charged, you can perform approximately 1,000 workouts with a weight resistance of 22lbs/10kg, or 500 workouts with a resistance of 44lbs/20kg.

Unitree PUMP is the best partner for every fitness lover when they are not in the gym.