1. Introduction
  2. Standard mode
  3. Concentric mode
  4. Eccentric mode
  5. Constant mode
  6. Chain mode
  7. Generation mode
  8. Conclusion


Smart Home Gym

An all-in-one smart home gym provides comprehensive strength training for your full body. This versatile home gym offers a variety of modes, including standard, concentric, eccentric, constant, chain, and generation, each with its own unique benefits to enhance your workout. With these modes, you can easily adjust intensity levels and customize your fitness routine according to your individual needs.

Whether you want to build muscle, increase power, improve endurance, or burn fat, the multiple training modes of this smart home gym have you covered. Standard mode delivers basic full-body resistance training, while concentric and eccentric modes focus on muscle gain. Constant mode enables heavy-duty pump workouts, and chain mode improves explosive strength and power. Generation mode maximizes kinetic energy conversion for on-the-go charging.

Standard mode

In standard mode, the resistance of pulling out a rope and retracted resistance is constant, providing basic strength training. When the resistance is set to 20KG, the pulling-out resistance is 20KG, and the retracted resistance is about 17KG. Only the resistance size needs to be adjusted based on your fitness level.

Smart Home Gym

Concentric mode

Concentric mode focuses on muscle strength and power. The pulling-out resistance is greater than the retracted resistance. When the resistance is 20KG, the pulling-out resistance is 20KG, and the retracted resistance is 10KG (Concentric rate 50%). Adjust the concentric rate from 0-100% to control the retracted resistance. At a 0% rate, the retracted resistance equals the pulling-out resistance.

Smart Home Gym

Eccentric mode

Eccentric mode is more effective for breaking through fitness plateaus and developing muscle definition. The pulling-out resistance is lower than the retracted resistance. At 20KG resistance and 50% eccentric rate, the pulling-out resistance is 10KG, and the retracted resistance is 20KG. Adjust the eccentric rate from 0-100% to set the pulling-out resistance.

Smart Home Gym

Constant mode

Constant mode provides constant high resistance during the pulling-out stage for pump training and dynamically adjusts the retracted resistance based on the set resistance and battery power. Only the resistance size needs adjustment.

Smart Home Gym

Chain mode

Chain mode simulates pulling a chain off the floor, gradually increasing resistance to the maximum set resistance, then decreasing resistance during retraction. It improves explosive strength. Set the chain weight percentage (e.g., 50% at 20KG) and chain length for custom training.

Smart Home Gym

Generation mode

Generation mode maximizes kinetic energy conversion to electric energy during retraction. Higher pulling-out speed results in greater resistance and less retracted resistance. About 3-5 reps at 20KG can charge 1% battery. The home gym has protection to prevent overcharging, with the mode automatically switching to concentric at 95% battery.

Smart Home Gym

It is recommended to use generation mode when the battery is low for quick charging during training. Note the resistance difference in concentric/eccentric/chain modes and ensure safety with guidance for beginners. Modes may update with user feedback and firmware/APP version.


With its array of advanced yet easy-to-use training modes, this smart home gym helps you achieve your strength and fitness goals efficiently anywhere at any time. Whether just starting a workout routine or pushing your limits as an amateur, there is a mode for every fitness need.

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May 11, 2023 — PUMP Unitree