1. Introduction
  2. Lower Body Exercises
  3. Pull Exercises
  4. Conclusion


How amazing is it that with just a simple doorway anchor, you gain access to an endless variety of strength-training movements? From full-body resistance moves to balance exercises, an open door represents freedom, mobility, and opportunity - and it can also become the gateway to your fitness goals.

An anchor point like a doorway opens up an entire world of progress possibilities. All you need is a sturdy spot to attach bands or suspend yourself, and suddenly, basic exercises like rows, push-ups, and lunges are elevated to the next level - all for totally free!

In this article, we'll cover resistance moves that target your lower body, shoulders, back, and core, plus balance exercises with smart home gym for total fitness. I'll share techniques to maximize muscle activation and ways to vary intensity levels without added weights. Turn your door into a gym now!

Smart Home Gyms

Lower Body Exercises

1. Single Leg Deadlift

Step back and tense the rope. Keep your toes and heels hard on the ground. Bend your hips and slightly bend your knees. Lift your chest and head. Straighten your back. Let the abdomen tighten. Let the top knee bend slightly.

Single Leg Deadlift with smart home gym

2. Cable Squat

Take a half step back and tense the rope. Bend your hips and knees, lift your head and chest, straighten your back, and press your toes and heels into the ground.Keep your legs shoulder-width apart, squat until thighs are parallel to the ground.

Cable Squat with smart home gym

Pull Exercises

1. Standing Reverse Cable Fly

Slightly bend the knees and hips, elbow joint angle remains the same slightly contain the chest, scapula open, elbow joint angle remains the same.

Standing Reverse Cable Fly with smart home gym

2. Side Lateral Raise

Bend the knees and hips slightly. Lift your head and chest. Eyes forward. Shoulder blades sink. Tighten the abdomen. Let your toes and heels grip the ground. Keep the elbow slightly bent, make posterior arm higher than the forearm and the wrist remains relaxed.

Side Lateral Raise with smart home gym

3. Triceps Kickback

Step back and tense the rope. Bend your hips and slightly bend your knees, clench your elbows to your body, sink your shoulder blades, and keep your big arms still at all times.

Triceps Kickbacke with smart home gym

4. Standing Biceps Curl

Keep your head up and your eyes forward, slightly bend your hips and knees, pin your elbows to your body and keep them still, with your wrists flat.

Standing Biceps Curl with smart home gym


You now have a wealth of exercises at your fingertips, literally! The only thing holding you back from transforming that simplest of spaces - your doorway - into a fitness oasis is taking action.

Don't wait until you have the perfect equipment or environment. Just start wherever you're at with what you've got. Commit to trying one - just one! - of these exercises soon. Feeling that first burn will ignite a spark within you that can't be extinguished. And Unitree smart home gym will help you.

Remember to focus on form and move at a sustainable pace that allows you to recover between workouts. Progress slowly over time by adding reps or resistance and listening to your body constantly. Celebrate each small victory - every rep brings you closer to your goals.

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June 15, 2023 — Linus Li