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About PUMP

What is the difference between Unitree PUMP and other workout equipment?

Unitree PUMP is the world’s first motor-powered all-in-one smart pocket gym. Unlike other traditional fitness equipment, you can easily carry your PUMP around and anchor it on a door, a chair, your foot, and everything you wish. With PUMP, you can start workout anywhere and at any time. And unlike other portable fitness machines, PUMP is the first one with a built-in motor that can smartly control resistance. Also, the App provides you with 100+ tutorials (all the tutorials are free and will be updated constantly) and records your workout data in real-time to help.

How can I use Unitree PUMP at home / in office / outside?

We will include a “Door Anchor Fixing” for you to anchor your pump on a door and a “Annular Fixing Belt” for you to fix on the any place that is stable. After anchoring your PUMP, you can choose whether “Pull Rope Handle” or “Ankle Fixing Accessories” for you to exercise with the PUMP.

Is it possible for me to carry my Unitree PUMP around?

Unitree PUMP only weighs 1.5lbs/700g which is as light as a bottle of water. Also, with its compact design, you can grab it with one hand and put it into your bag with ease.

How can I train with PUMP?

Unitree PUMP is suitable for all fitness lovers, from beginners to advanced, and from young to elder.

You can start with one PUMP (maximum resistance of 44lbs) for basic training, and use it as a resistance band which can output resistance stable and smartly, dumbbell, cable machine, led extension curl machine, rowing machine, and other traditional exercise equipment. With only one PUMP, you can exercise your whole body.

Also, PUMP allows you to perform more advanced and professional training. You can train with up to 8 PUMPs (maximum resistance of 352lbs) at the same time if you wish. And with our accessories, you can use them as a barbell, rowing machine, smith machine, etc, and perform professional training. PUMP is a fitness machine that is full of possibilities.

The product is small. How about its weight resistance?

Unitree PUMP can provide a weight resistance range from 4.4-44lbs / 2-20kg. Thanks to the built-in patented FOC motor, PUMP can provide a smooth and accurate resistance to ensure you with a scientific workout experience and prevent you from muscle strain and accidentally rope rebounds.

Dose PUMP support concentric training and eccentric training?

There will be four training modes for you to choose from: Concentric mode, Eccentric mode, Constant mode, and Chain mode. In concentric mode, you can adjust the resistance, in weight, from 11 pounds up to 44 pounds (5-20kg) with a resistance adjustment ratio from 0% up to 50%. In eccentric mode, you can adjust the resistance -- from 11 pounds up to 44 pounds (5-20kg) -- as well as the resistance adjustment ratio from 0% up to 50%. As for the constant mode, the resistance will be the same as the rope pulling out and the rope rolling back while a customizable range from 4.4 pounds to 44 pounds (2-20kg). In chain mode, you can schedule resistance, and PUMP will adjust resistance automatically during your training.

Is there an App that works with the PUMP?

Yes, there will be an App, Fitness PUMP. You can download the App both in the google store and the app store for free. You can adjust the resistance setting, monitor your real-time workout data, follow our 100+ tutorials (all the tutorials are free and will be updated constantly), play our fitness games, and share your achievement with the community all on the App. There will be also a “Generation mode” mode for you to choose in the app. In this mode, you can recharge your PUMP by 1% by doing 10 workouts with 44lbs(20kg) resistance.

Can my PUMP be a power bank?

Yes, PUMP can reverse charge your smartphone. Make sure your PUMP is on. Directly link your iPhone with PUMP, or use the PUMP’s adaptor to link if you are an Android user. Then, simply tap the power button for reverse charge.

*For safety, please do not train with PUMP when it’s reverse charging.

Installation And Use

How to use multiple PUMP simultaneously?

If you want to add a second PUMP, you can add PUMP by clicking "My Device → Display" and then clicking "+" in the upper right.

Updating the firmware will automatically update all connected updatable PUMPs

Up to 8 PUMPs can be connected and adjusted simultaneously

How to turn on and off

Power on confirmation method
A. Briefly press the power button first, then release your finger when you hear a beep. Then press and hold the power button for two beeps, then release to power on. (While the power is on, the light on the main unit always lights up to show the remaining battery power. Note: If you do not remove your finger immediately, it will be judged as an incorrect touch and the power will not turn on.)
B. When the power is turned on, the rope will return to its initial position. (Do not pull the rope or block the return of the rope until it returns to the initial position.)

PUMP will automatically shut down after 5 minutes of inactivity

You can also turn off the power by the following procedure "My device" → "Other" → "Power off"

How to Install and Use Suction Cups

Suction cups must be used on smooth surfaces
Suction cups must be used with locking strips
If your PUMP feels wobbly, we recommend connecting the locking strip to the pull rope clip

Why does the feel in my hand feel uneven and the rope catches?

To prevent damage caused by rapid contraction or over-pull while in use, and to provide a better pulling experience, the PUMP incorporates an intelligent pull force adaptation function that adjusts protection according to changes in resistance. and can add protective force in uneven conditions.

If you feel a stagnation in your strength, slow down and keep pulling at an even pace. (We recommend trying 5kg resistance to find your optimum speed and cadence).

What if the rope doesn't retract after a quick pull?

If you pull the PUMP too early (the app will repeatedly display "Pulling the PUMP too early will damage your device"), when the rated rpm is exceeded, the PUMP will enter a protective state, specifically the rope will It can no longer be retracted and the power indicator flashes all the way. After normal switching off, use resumes by switching on again.

How to connect with "Fitness Pump (IOS/Android version)" app?

If you pull the PUMP too early (the app will repeatedly display "Pulling the PUMP too early will damage your device"), when the rated rpm is exceeded, the PUMP will enter a protective state, specifically the rope will It can no longer be retracted and the power indicator flashes all the way. After normal switching off, use resumes by switching on again.

Can the APP connect to multiple devices at the same time?

Up to 8 units can be used at the same time, and the tension can be adjusted at the same time.

How many reps can it run on a full battery?

When PUMP is fully charged, you can perform approximately 1,200 workouts with a weight resistance of 22lbs/10kg, or 600 workouts with a resistance of 44lbs/20kg.

Purchasing Questions

Can I cancel my order?

If you request a refund before delivery, you can cancel your order at the order status page (the page that is shown to you after you checkout, or when you click "view order" in the order confirmation email)
You’ll be automatically refunded on your original payment method.
Please remember it can take some time for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund too.

What if I receive a product and want to return it?

Please contact our after-sales when you encounter problems. If you want to know more about the return, here is the return policy : Click Here

How to buy add-ons?

Please note that the Unitree PUMP has all the standard accessories (Door Anchor fixing, Pull rope handle, Annular fixing belt, Extension rope, Power cable, Storage pouch, Ankle fixing accessories, and safety buckle) in the box. We also provide the extra accessories as add-ons for your pofessional and advanced training requirement. You can purchase the different add-ons separately or choose the bundles we offer.

What payment methods can be used to purchase a Walkingpad?

Paypal, We accept all major credit: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, Maestro, Union Pay and Klarna.


What is the warranty of the Unitree PUMP?

We stand behind our products & services with full confidence. The Unitree PUMP is covered under a 1-year warranty.

*Please note that the warranty period complies with the applicable consumer laws in the consumer’s country of purchase.

*Please email us at if you would like to learn more details.