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Prepare to up your fitness game with the Smart Pocket Gym, a revolution in portable exercise equipment. The Smart Pocket Gym, a well-known one called PUMP, has several additional features that will revolutionize your workouts in addition to its basic motor-assisted strength training capabilities.

This post will explore some of PUMP's interesting features, including its distinctive Generation Mode, adaptable Power Bank function, long battery life, and extras like workout monitoring and smartphone connectivity. Join us as we explore this cutting-edge fitness companion's hidden treasures, which will take your training routine to new heights.


Smart Pocket Gym


Generation mode

Smart Pocket Gym offers an eco-friendly way to power itself through its users' workouts via generation mode. The PUMP fully charges by performing just ten full resistance band pull at its maximum 20kg resistance level.

Each set of 10 full pulls at 20kg resistance recharges approximately 1% of the PUMP's battery, meaning 100 full resistance pulls are required to fully juice the PUMP back up.

Generation mode provides an alternative to traditional charging that underscores PUMP's innovative design, allowing the versatile device to derive power from the very exercises it assists with.

Fully recharging the fitness gadget through users' resistance training reduces the need for wall outlet charging and strengthens the perception of PUMP as a truly holistic fitness tool, deriving power from - and imparting power back into - the workouts it makes possible.

Generation mode thus reflects PUMP's smart technological offerings that reimagine how motor-assisted fitness equipment can function.


Smart Pocket Gym


Power bank function

PUMP functions as a portable smartphone charger. The PUMP allows compatible smartphones to be wirelessly charged simply by placing them on the PUMP body, exercising its reverse charging capabilities.

The PUMP's built-in USB port enables direct charging via a Lightning cable connection for iPhone users. Android users may need to use an adapter cable depending on their specific phone's USB port type.

Activating the PUMP's power bank functionality is simple - users just need to press and hold the power button for three seconds to initiate charging. This handy power bank function demonstrates PUMP's technological intelligence, allowing the resistance training tool to conveniently re-energize users' mobile devices.

Whether wirelessly or through a wired link, PUMP makes powering up smartphones effortless, illuminating another dimension of the versatile gadget's utility beyond merely assisting workouts - PUMP can actually power the devices that track them too.

PUMP's power bank feature thus reflects the device's innovative technological design.


Smart Pocket Gym


Long battery runtime

The remarkable battery life of PUMP allows it to power through endless workouts on a single charge. Fully juicing PUMP's built-in lithium-ion battery enables it to assist up to 1000 resistance band pulls at its 10kg resistance setting before requiring recharging. Even when cranked up to its maximum 20kg resistance, the PUMP's large-capacity battery can withstand assisting 500 full resistance band exercises without running out of juice.

PUMP's long-lasting battery runtime radically extends the possible length of training sessions for users, enabling them to exercise uninterrupted for an entire day on a full charge. The device's powerful and durable battery underscores the considered technological design that went into developing PUMP, making seemingly limitless stamina and longevity key priorities.

PUMP's lengthy battery life liberates users to optimize their workouts based solely on their training needs and goals - regardless of charging schedules. Between its best-in-class resistance range, eco-friendly generation mode, and now virtually inexhaustible battery stamina, PUMP reimagines what's possible from portable strength training technology in every aspect of its design.

Additional features

Beyond its innovative resistance training capabilities and long battery life, PUMP offers a suite of additional smart features that enhance workouts. PUMP automatically tracks key workout metrics like repetitions, sets, resistance levels, and calories burned during use.

All this data syncs to the PUMP smartphone app, providing a comprehensive overview of users' training progress over time. PUMP also integrates with various third-party fitness apps, allowing users to aggregate their resistance training data within popular health and wellness platforms.

Regular over-the-air software updates further optimize PUMP, continually improving its functionality, stability, and usability. These pushes of new firmware refine the PUMP gadget's performance so it becomes smarter and more useful over its lifespan.

Through advanced data collection, third-party integrations, and sophisticated update routines, PUMP demonstrates a thoughtfully designed technological intelligence that goes far beyond merely assisting resistance training - PUMP actually aids users in analyzing, understanding, and maximizing the benefits of their workouts too. The device's suite of smart features exemplifies how PUMP reimagines what a portable gym ought to be capable of.


Smart Pocket Gym



In summary, the PUMP raises the bar for what portable fitness equipment can offer. Beyond basic motor-assisted resistance training, PUMP's extra features - like Generation Mode, its power bank functionality, long battery life, and additional smart capabilities - demonstrate an innovative technological design that reimagines the very concept of a "portable gym."

When applied purposefully to fitness, PUMP shows how technological intelligence can uncover multifaceted ways to enhance workouts, monitor progress, integrate with wider health platforms, and draw power from the exercises it assists with. PUMP's advanced yet holistic approach to strength training signifies that fitness tech has only begun to realize its potential for radicalizing how we exercise through convenience and novelty. As more devices like PUMP enter the market, expect portable workout equipment to continually push the boundaries of what "extra" truly means for optimizing our fitness routines anywhere, anytime.

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July 12, 2023 — PUMP Unitree