1. Introduction
  2. The patented FOC motor
  3. Benefits of the FOC motor technology
  4. Safety features enabled by motor
  5. Conclusion


PUMP - the first portable fitness machine with a built-in motor

Convenience is crucial in the realm of fitness. PUMP, the first portable exercise device with a built-in motor, is rapidly changing the game because of this. This groundbreaking machine combines cutting-edge motor technology with a portable design to offer adaptable and powerful workout equipment.

Motor Technology

Benefits of motor-assisted training

Compared to conventional resistance bands and free weights, motor-assisted training with PUMP has a number of benefits, including:

  • Even muscle group stimulation: The motorized resistance ensures that the user's muscles are stimulated consistently throughout the whole range of action, promoting more balanced muscle development and enhancing overall fitness.
  • Improved fitness outcomes: PUMP enables users to obtain better results in less time by offering constant resistance during exercises. This is very advantageous for those who require an effective training solution yet have busy schedules.
  • Safety measures to avoid harm: Safety elements included in PUMP's motor technology reduce the possibility of accidents during exercises. These features not only safeguard individuals but also make exercising more enjoyable overall.
Motor Technology

The patented FOC motor

Developed from motor used in UnitreeRobotics quadruped robots

Based on the motor technology utilized in UnitreeRobotics' quadruped robots, the groundbreaking Field Oriented Control (FOC) motor in PUMP was created. These high-performance robots need accurate and strong motor control; thus, PUMP's fitness application is a perfect fit for their motor technology.


The PUMP's FOC motor is intended to:

Real-time torque output adjustment is a function that enables users to alter the resistance throughout a workout to target various muscle groups and advance at their own rate.

Deliver stable and individualized resistance for exercises: The motor's performance qualities allow it to maintain a constant resistance level throughout a user's workout, notwithstanding their movement's pace or intensity. For the best effects on muscular activation and fitness, this constant resistance is necessary.

Motor Technology

Benefits of the FOC motor technology

The FOC motor technology in PUMP offers several key benefits to users, including:

Precision and consistency of resistance

Each workout is precisely and consistently resisted by the FOC motor, allowing users to target their selected muscle areas and receive the best possible muscle stimulation.

This contrasts with conventional resistance bands and free weights, which can have inconsistent degrees of resistance and may result in uneven muscle development.

Adaptability to suit different workout intensities and muscle groups

Because of its motor technology, PUMP is appropriate for a variety of activities and muscle groups. Users may effortlessly modify the resistance level while working out.

This adaptability allows users to customize their workout to achieve their own fitness objectives, whether they desire to gain flexibility, endurance, or strength.

Motor Technology

Safety features enabled by motor

PUMP's motor technology includes several safety features designed to minimize the risk of injury during workouts. These features include:

Auto-retrieve rope function when not in use

When PUMP is not in use, the motor automatically retracts the rope to prevent tangles and accidents. The auto-retrieve capability increases user safety while preserving the device's portability and modest size.

Ability to detect and adjust if the user loses grip during exercise

If the user releases PUMP while executing an action, the motor can detect a rapid change in tension and will immediately reduce the resistance level. This prompt response protects the user's muscles and joints from damage that an abrupt release of tension can cause.


PUMP is a cutting-edge piece of portable exercise gear that uses advanced motor technology to give users a versatile and effective workout choice.

The device's special FOC motor technology, which offers precise and consistent resistance, enables users to target different muscle groups and achieve their specific exercise goals. PUMP is a dependable and practical option for people of all fitness levels thanks to the motor technology's safety measures, which lower the potential of injury while training.

Modern motor technology allows Reiterate PUMP to be both small and powerful. In conclusion, despite its small size, PUMP is a performance and functionality powerhouse.

Thanks to its cutting-edge motor technology, users can benefit from the advantages of motor-assisted training, including even muscle stimulation, stronger fitness outcomes, and improved safety features. PUMP users can benefit from a really all-encompassing and useful training solution that fits in their pockets.

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July 16, 2023 — PUMP Unitree