1. Introduction
  2. Basic Bodyweight Exercises to Do Outside
  3. Strength Training Equipment for Outdoor Workouts
  4. Conclusion


Over the past two years, millions of people have invested in home gym equipment to stay fit during the pandemic. While convenient, indoor workouts can become monotonous. The good news is that with a few simple adaptations, you can easily transform your home gym into an outdoor one, enjoying the benefits of fresh air, sunshine, and a change of scenery. This guide will show you how to take your dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga mat, and other smart home gym essentials outside, maximizing your workout potential through variable terrains, natural obstacles, and a wider range of motion. So throw open those doors and windows, dust off your equipment, and get ready to level up your fitness game - the great outdoors is open for business!

Taking Your Smart Home Gym Outdoors

Basic Bodyweight Exercises to Do Outside

Even if you've packed the full suite of your clever little smart home gym into a duffle bag, there are still tons of exercises you can crush outdoors using just your own body weight. Pushups, lunges, squats, planks, and crunches are perfect for alfresco workouts - you just need a stable surface like grass or pavement.

Making basic calisthenic moves outside your four walls adds variety in several ways. First, terrain changes force your muscles to adjust and work a bit harder. Pushups on a slope or uneven ground engage your core for stability, while squats on a soft surface challenge your balance.

Taking Your Smart Home Gym Outdoors

Secondly, the wider space allows for a range of motion progressions that are impossible indoors. Once the standard pushup gets too easy, try elevating your feet on a log, bench, or ledge to progress into decline pushups. And when overhead lunges with dumbells seem too simple, throw in trunk rotations or lateral side steps as you lunge to ramp up the burn.

Lastly, adding natural obstacles lets you tweak rep schemes for a total-body workout. Crunches over a curb, squat jumps onto stones, and plank walks across a log force you to navigate unpredictable surfaces, engaging stabilizers and promoting multidirectional strength.

So, think again the next time you're tempted to smash that Netflix 'Play' button while sitting on your home gym's virtual spin bike! Throwing open those burly oak doors and dragging your yoga mat and resistance bands outside provides a meta kind of training - training your workout to adapt, progress and achieve more through simple changes in the environment. Now that's maximizing gains in a smart way.

Taking Your Smart Home Gym Outdoors

Strength Training Equipment for Outdoor Workouts

Resistance bands are versatile strength training essential for maximizing your outdoor workout potential. Compact and lightweight, resistance bands can easily be tossed in your gym bag to take advantage of impromptu training opportunities anywhere, from city parks to hiking trails.

Outdoors and resistance bands offer several unique benefits. First, the absence of fixed anchor points forces you to get creative. By securing bands around trees, park benches, or fences, you can perform virtually any resistance band exercise with a simple loop of rubber tubing.

Secondly, resistance bands allow you to vary the intensity of your workout simply by shortening or lengthening the band. Navigating uneven terrain means the resistance automatically increases or decreases, activating more muscle fibers as you squat or lunge.

Lastly, multidirectional exercises are easier with resistance bands versus dumbbells outside. The band pulls apart for rear delts, and lateral arm raises for side delts, bicep curls, and triceps extensions - all can be expertly performed while strolling through a scenic neighborhood. And compared to weighted bars or machines, resistance bands never lose tension throughout an exercise's range of motion, providing continual stimulus to your muscles.

Next time you grab your yoga mat and trot outside with that clever little smart home gym, be sure to toss some resistance bands in the mix. Loop them around tree trunks for banded pull-ups, secure them to park benches for step-ups and lunges, or simply wear them looped around your legs for explosive lower-body exercises anywhere inspiration strikes! Resistance bands were made for the wide-open potential of the great outdoors.

Taking Your Smart Home Gym Outdoors


In conclusion, with a few easy adaptations, your smart home gym can provide an excellent outdoor workout, offering fresh air while maximizing your fitness potential. Supplementing exercises with spaces that enable variable ranges of motion, uneven terrain, and natural obstacles amplifies the intensity of your training.

When first moving workouts outside, start slowly by substituting just one indoor session per week. Focus on proper form over unpredictable surfaces and scale back weights initially. As you adapt, perform two to three outdoor sessions per week, experimenting with different locations and multi-modal routines. Soon you'll wonder why you didn't take your smart home gym outside sooner! The bottom line? A little creativity and willingness to adapt unlock the full power of your fitness equipment - so dust off that yoga mat and head outside.

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August 08, 2023 — PUMP Unitree